Chell Visits Mundesley Junior School Careers Day
Chell Visits Mundesley Junior School Careers Day
July 17, 2019

Our Sales Director Jamie had a great time attending the Mundesley Junior School Careers Fair on 7th June, promoting STEM subjects in the local school.

Jamie spoke to lots of budding young scientists and engineers about the opportunities of working within an exciting and innovative environment, particularly helping clients in sectors including motorsport and aviation.

The event was organised by the Chair of Govenors at The Coastal Federation and had a broad cross-section of careers on show from police officers, vets, web designers, journalists, research scientists and engineers.

Simon Wakeman, Executive Head of the Federation stated: “For these professionals to give up their precious time to talk about their jobs was inspiring to see. It’s never too early to start inspiring our young people and give them a dream to aim for.”

“What do you want to be when you are older?” is a question often asked of young people. After meeting Jamie, hopefully a few will want to pursue engineering and perhaps even work at Chell one day!

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