Chell Launch New Mini Pressure Scanner with EtherCAT Functionality
Chell Launch New Mini Pressure Scanner with EtherCAT Functionality
May 4, 2020

Chell Instruments has added to its well-established nanoDAQ-LT range by launching a miniature smart pressure scanner with fully functioning EtherCAT capability.

The new nanoCAT-LTR-64 utilises the latest in digital transducers technology, to deliver additional EtherCAT functionality with reduced package size and heat dissipation.

With the same calibration and thermal compensation as the rest of the nanoDAQ-LT range, the new nanoCAT-LTR-64 uses EtherCAT to take advantage of the connectivity provided by EtherCAT.

As the nanoCAT- LTR-64 adheres to the EtherCAT standard, it has non-vendor specific protocol so no special code needs to be written in order to interface with it. The user can also configure it in different ways, using one reference port for each 32 channels, one for all 64 channels or the average of both references for all 64 channels.

Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments, said: “The nanoCAT-LTR-64 is a valuable addition to our range of products, delivering similar functionality as our other models EtherCAT pressure scanners but in a much-reduced size.”

With the new scanner users can select absolute or differential measurement and, as well as EtherCAT, can output over CAN. Its miniature dimensions also mean it can be used in harsh environments and on-vehicle applications, where space is limited.

“We are always innovating and expanding our range,” continued Nick. “We’re proud to be continually creating solutions for our customers and the nanoCAT-LTR-64 is the latest example of how we’ve responded to customer requirements.”

The nanoCAT-LTR-64 has up to 0.04% FS accuracy output, all thermally compensated from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius. Its rugged enclosure is also sealed to IP67 standard so it is perfect for uses in harsh environments and on-vehicle applications.

North Walsham-based Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment for over 40 years. They design, manufacture and calibrate testing apparatus used in areas including Formula One, aircraft design and pharmaceuticals.

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