Chell Instruments Unveil Brand New Pressure Scanner
Chell Instruments Unveil Brand New Pressure Scanner
November 3, 2021

World-renowned gas measurement and control experts, Chell Instruments have unveiled their newest development, the nanoCAT-LTM-32, a manifold mount miniature etherCAT pressure scanner.

The nanoCAT-LTM-32 brings together the features of two previous models, the manifold feature of the nanoCAT-LTR-64 and the miniature size of the nanoCAT—LTS-32.

Nick Broadley, Managing Director of Chell Instruments, says “The accumulation of these two products takes their very best features and integrates them into one new pressure scanning device. The manifold option allows our customers to create their own manifold, which then bolts onto the nanoCAT-LTM-32, and the miniature features allows for greater ease and flexibility when testing.”

Chell’s brand new pressure scanner has been developed to solve a problem with pressure testing within the motor sport industry. The miniature size of the nanoCAT-LTS-32 accommodates the small F1 wind tunnel model and the manifold feature allows them to test twice as many channel scanners at once.

The nanoCAT-LTM-32 utilises the latest technology in digital transducers. As a fully configurable smart pressure scanner it outputs pressure data in engineering units over both EtherCAT and CAN. In place of flexible tubing the pressure scanner features a manifold mount, that can be used with a top plate supplied by Chell or produced by the customer. Allowing the customer to create their own manifold allows for greater flexibility and reliability and makes adding or changing the scanner much simpler.

Nick concludes, “Our nanoCAT-LTM-32 has been created with our client’s needs in mind, which is why we’ve made it simple to use with 32 transducers, all thermally compensated and conditioned to provide absolute or differential measurements. We understand the motor sport industry and their need for reliable, miniature instruments, especially when testing wind tunnels which are a crucial element in F1 development.”

Chell Instruments have supplied and manufactured pressure and gas flow measurement and control instrumentation since they were established in the 1970’s. Their products are used for high accuracy pressure, temperature and flow testing within sectors including motorsport, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and energy. In 2020 they became part of the SDI Group of companies.

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