Chell Instruments Turn Supply Chain Challenge into Innovation Opportunity
Chell Instruments Turn Supply Chain Challenge into Innovation Opportunity
May 19, 2022

Faced with a global shortage of microchips, world-renowned gas measurement specialists, Chell Instruments, have turned a supply chain challenge into an opportunity to further improve performance.

With longer lead-times threatening to impact on the availability of their products, Chell Instruments looked to alternative suppliers and conducted a wider review of the components they use within their technology.

“Though we hadn’t experienced any serious delays, we took the decision to pre-empt any disruption by evaluating alternative microprocessors and suppliers” says Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director of Chell Instruments.

The global supply of computer chips has been adversely impacted by the pandemic, with a drop in manufacturing caused by lockdowns, particularly in Asia, followed by a rise in demand as markets in Europe and North America have recovered.

“We pride ourselves on using the best components to give our customers the critical dependability and precision they need” adds Jamie.
“It turned into an opportunity to do a root-and-branch review and evaluate some alternatives which have ended up improving not only supply, but also functionality and future capabilities.”

Chell Instruments design, manufacture and calibrate testing apparatus used in areas including Formula One, aircraft design and pharmaceuticals. Their high-tech products incorporate a wide range of microchips and microprocessors.

As well as avoiding major supply issues, back-to-back comparison of key microprocessors has further improved performance and Chell Instruments’ ability to develop the capabilities of existing products.

As a result of the diversification of suppliers, the Norfolk-based specialists have been able to maintain or reduce lead times throughout their range and swiftly fulfil orders received from across the globe.

“Ultimately, we want to support our clients, both in making good on their own promises to their customers and the exciting work they do developing new technology” concludes Jamie.

North Walsham-based Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment for over 40 years.

Their technology is used to monitor and control gases in many manufacturing processes, including petrochemicals and medicines. Many of their products are used in research, such as the electrification of aircraft and increasing the efficiency of gas turbines.

They also deliver calibration equipment and services which help maintain the accuracy of test equipment and manufactured products including domestic gas meters.

The new supply of microprocessors has been applied to a number of products across their range.

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