Chell Instruments supports Students from University of Bristol for entry to European Rocketry Challenge with microDAQ3-16
Chell Instruments supports Students from University of Bristol for entry to European Rocketry Challenge with microDAQ3-16
May 29, 2024

Industry-leaders in gas measurement and control solutions, Chell Instruments, have given the rocketry team, HyPower Bristol, a state-of-the-art pressure scanner to help their preparation for the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC).

Hosted in Portugal, the European Rocketry Challenge brings university teams across Europe together to design, build and launch rockets. Chell Instruments have given HyPower Bristol the latest microDAQ3-16 16-channel pressure scanner to help them test and refine the aerodynamics of their rocket.

“HyPower Bristol boasts a talented team of bright young individuals who will undoubtedly play exciting roles in the future of engineering. When we discovered their involvement in the European Rocketry Challenge, we felt compelled to see how we could use our technology to get involved and help” says Jamie Shanahan, Director at Chell Instruments.

Founded in 2020 as a union between the university’s best student scientists, engineers, and rocketeers from BristolSEDS (the Student Space Society), HyPower Bristol pride themselves on being a tight-knit team with a passion for rockets and space exploration.

Established by the Portuguese Space Agency in 2020, EuRoC aims to develop technical skills and promote a scientific and innovative culture among university students.

European students will compete to successfully launch rockets and receive an evaluation for the technical performances with awards for the highest performing teams.

HyPower Bristol are set to make a strong entry in this year’s European Rocketry Challenge with goals of developing their launch vehicle manufacturing and pushing the boundaries of the rocket’s aerodynamics.

“The ultimate engineering challenge for us this year is to integrate a liquid rocket engine into a launch vehicle for EuRoC’24. To successfully launch and recover a system such as this would be an immense step for BristolSEDS’ rocketry, as we open new avenues of propulsion. We are grateful for support from Chell Instruments for their donation of technology to the project and look forward to being able to share the data that we collect.” states Lillian Macbeth, Project Manager at HyPower Bristol.

Since 1976, Chell Instruments have been at the forefront of pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment. Their products, including the contributed microDAQ3 -16, are used across various sectors, including motorsport, pharmaceuticals, energy and aerospace.

“We’re looking forward to seeing HyPower’s developments in rocket engineering with help from our innovative sensor technology and we wish them the best of luck at EuRoC 2024” concludes Jamie.

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