Chell Instruments Showcase New Products Following Turbo Expo Postponement
Chell Instruments Showcase New Products Following Turbo Expo Postponement
June 16, 2020

With the 2020 Turbo Expo rescheduled due to the global pandemic, gas measurement and control experts Chell Instruments are highlighting three new products aimed squarely at supporting development in the gas turbine sector.

Scheduled to begin on the 23rd June, the turbomachinery technical conference and exposition at Excel in London has been postponed in favour of a virtual event in September. Like many exhibitors, Chell Instruments had planned to feature new products specifically created to further aid the development of gas turbines for aircraft and other applications.

Chell Instruments have a long history working with major aircraft engine manufacturers around the world. Initially launched in 2019, their FlightDAQ3, FlightDAQ-TL and Q-DAQ were developed in direct response to requests from existing customers and the increasing requirements for ground and ‘in-flight’ testing of aircraft engines.

The FlightDAQ-TL is a highly configurable electrical scanner which complements Chell’s existing line of FlightDAQ pressure measuring equipment. It can measure RTD’s, thermocouples, ratio-metric and amplified pressure transducers (using the in-built excitation supplies) or simply a voltage or resistance signal. Like all Chell’s latest products, it has been designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and is certified to D0160G vibration and shock standards. The FlightDaq-TL also has a new iDDS interface, along with standard Ethernet outputs.

The Q-DAQ is a miniature pressure scanner with a SQDC interface. It features 16 sensors which can be configured as absolute or differential (differential by nominating a channel as a reference). It also features an in-built heater to deal with the temperatures involved during flight testing. The Q-DAQ outputs compensated pressure data (from -55°C to 90°C) over Ethernet.

The third of Chell’s new products is the FlightDAQ3. This is the latest development of their successful FlightDAQ range which gives 32 or 64 channels of high accuracy pressure measurement in a heated enclosure. The FlightDAQ 3 now features outputs via iDDS together with the standard and IENA outputs over Ethernet.

Able to withstand extremely harsh environments and high altitudes, the new FlightDAQ-TL, Q-DAQ and FlightDAQ3 all give class-leading performance for on-engine testing.

Trusted by many of the biggest names in aircraft engine and air frame manufacturing for over 40 years, the three products have already proven very popular with jet engine developers as the search for ever greater efficiency, reliability and safety continues. In addition, Chell Instruments’ solutions are now also being applied to the air frame development to support the electrification of aircraft propulsion.

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