Chell Instruments launch market leading pressure scanner in even smaller package
Chell Instruments launch market leading pressure scanner in even smaller package
May 16, 2023

World-leaders in gas measurement and control solutions Chell Instruments have launched the microDAQ3-16, the most accurate and flexible pressure scanner on the market – now in an even smaller size.

With a huge leap forward in pressure scanning technology, the new microDAQ3-16 combines high accuracy digital sensors and an advanced processor design to give the most accurate results possible.

The microDAQ3-16 delivers the same performance as the 64-channel version (launched last year). However, this latest edition to the market-leading range is a more compact package, improving its versatility and suitability for increasingly demanding applications.

“The desire and demand for space-saving, compact technology is ever-growing. This pushes us to develop new pressure scanners which maintain our industry leading accuracy and precision whilst also being even more compact” says Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director of Chell Instruments.

The microDAQ utilises technology developed by Chell instruments, within their microDAQ and nanoDAQ ranges, such as an embedded web server, IEEE 1588 PTP time stamping, power-over-ethernet, CAN, hardware trigger and EtherCAT.

“When it comes to the application of our technology, size can be a constraint for our clients. So, making our device smaller increases its versatility and suitability in a wide range of specific situations.” adds Jamie.

The device makes use of highly accurate transducers, which are combined with both a pressure and temperature 24-bits ADC, to give a precise temperature measurement and almost entirely compensate for thermal effects.

Additionally, the microDAQ3-16 is capable of outputting differential or absolute compensated engineering unit pressure data at speeds of up to 400Hz per channel.

Setting a new standard for data quality in pressure scanners, the combination of the microDAQ3-16 and Chell instruments proprietary thermal compensation routine is a considerable improvement over the microDAQ2 range.

“Accuracy is vital to our clients. Therefore, we need to be able to pinpoint even the smallest of uncertainties to provide the ability to understand and interpret them effectively” concludes Jamie.

North Walsham-based Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment for over 40 years.

Their technology is used within a variety of sectors, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, energy and motorsport.

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