Chell Instruments highlights of 2022
Chell Instruments highlights of 2022
December 6, 2022

With a new year nearly upon us, it’s a time when many of us look back at our experiences and achievements over the last 12 months.

And, here at Chell Instruments, we’ve plenty to reflect on!

So, as leaders in pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurements and control, we thought we’d share some of our highlights of 2022:

New high-density connections

In March, we unveiled the latest development in our pneumatic connector range – the High-Density Aluminium Quick Disconnect or AQDC-HD.

This innovative device quickly connects and disconnects pneumatic test lines. We created our first Stainless-Steel Quick Disconnect (SQDC) to speed up system installation and reconfiguration in aerospace (jet engine) testing.

“It seemed logical to create a lightweight aluminium quick disconnector with even greater capacity” said our MD, Nick Broadley.

Where its predecessor can connect up to 32 gas lines, the AQDC-HD has room for 73. It features our unique locking mechanism to resist vibration and can be used in harsh environments at temperatures between -55°C and 100°C.

Chell make breakthrough connection with aqdc hd

Launch of low-cost DAQ

In April, we expanded our miniature smart pressure scanner range with the nanoDAQ-LTR-32. Featuring 32 channels, it provides the lowest cost option within our range.

By utilising the latest technology in digital transducers, we created a slim-line version of our nanoDAQ featuring a 8STA Souriau connector.

“It’s not only affordable but its size and construction means it’s ideal for many new applications. It’s also fully configurable and will output pressure data in engineering units over Ethernet and CAN” added Nick Broadley.

Chell expands impressive nanodaq ltr range

Turbo Expo returns

After a hiatus due to the pandemic, the world’s largest conference dedicated to turbomachinery and propulsion engineering (gas turbines) returned.

From 13-17th June, we were exhibitors at this year’s ASME Turbo Expo Conference in Rotterdam, showcasing our pressure and temperature scanners which help support the development of new gas turbine technology.

The theme of the event was ‘Road Mapping the Future of Propulsion & Power,’ focusing on the sector’s role in speeding up the transition to carbon-neutrality by 2050.

It was fantastic to see so many of our clients in person and to be able to exhibit our technology to peers within our industry.

Chell instruments attend turbo expo 2022 in rotterdam

Successful calibration

In August, we once again successfully completed the ISO:17025 (UKAS) audit of our calibration laboratory (No. 0687).

Our laboratory calibrates equipment from all over the world, as well as supporting our own instrumentation and high-precision products.

Since 1976, we have provided customers with a comprehensive calibration service covering gas flow, pressure and vacuum. We are proud to have maintained our laboratories accreditation since 2000, enabling us to offer some of the lowest calibration uncertainties in the UK.

Chell accredited to latest iso laboratory standard

Launch of our most accurate pressure scanner ever

In September, we launched the microDAQ3 – the smallest and most accurate pressure scanner currently available on the international market.

Our use of high accuracy digital sensors, combined with an advanced calibration and temperature compensation technique, has led to a significant leap in performance.

As a result, the MicroDAQ3 now produces more accurate data than any other pressure scanner – by some margin. It is also the smallest digital pressure scanner available anywhere.

“The environments in which our clients use our technology means they demand ever greater accuracy in an ever smaller, faster and more durable package. The microDAQ3 delivers across the board,” said Jamie Shanahan.

The increased performance of the microDAQ3 even led to us adopting a new ‘metrology’ approach to specifying its accuracy.

Chell instruments launch most accurate pressure scanner ever

Electrified flight

In October, we showcased the use of our technology by German electric jet aircraft innovators, Lilium.

With the increasing importance of sustainability, Lilium is aiming to make the ‘green dream’ of electric flight a reality with their Lilium Jet.

The aircraft features electric jet engines which use a single ‘stage’ rotor/stator system driven by an electric motor. Integrated into the wings, the engines are aerodynamically efficient, lighter, quieter and provide thrust which can be directed to manoeuvre the aircraft.

Our nanoDAQ-LTS is amongst technology being used by Lilium during development, sensing tiny changes in pressure with industry-leading levels of accuracy.

“Our technology remains at the forefront of traditional jet turbine development, so it’s fantastic we can also contribute to sustainable air travel” added Jamie Shanahan.

Chell instruments help german company trailblaze electric jet aircraft

Feeling the effects of ground-effect

The 2022 season is the first for almost 40 years in which Formula 1 teams are able to actively exploit ground effect – an aerodynamic phenomenon which creates a force pulling the car towards the track.

As we support a number of leading F1 teams, we have experienced increased demand for our nanoDAQ and microDAQ ranges.

Ground effect was initially experimented with in the 1970’s but outlawed in 1983 on safety grounds. It has returned, in-part to reduce the ‘dirty’ air which follows F1 cars and prevents closer racing.

“This rule change has clearly resonated with teams as they seek out our technology to help them take advantage. Like all aspects of aerodynamics, the benefits can be the difference between winning races or coming last” concluded Jamie Shanahan.

Changes to f1 ground effect rules drive demand for chell instruments daq range

Looking forward to 2023 and beyond…

As you can see, we’ve had a busy and eventful year.

And, next year looks set to be just as exciting and successful with a number of new product launches, exciting projects and key collaborations

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