Chell Instruments help German company trailblaze electric jet aircraft
trailblaze electric jet aircraft
October 27, 2022

World-leaders in gas flow measurement and control solutions, Chell Instruments, have supported German electric jet aircraft innovators, Lilium, with their nanoDAQ-LTS.

With the recent increase in importance placed on sustainability, the aerospace industry is seeking to find more environmentally-friendly ways to operate.

Lilium, a leader in aircraft design and manufacturing, are aiming to make the ‘green dream’ of electric flight a reality with their Lilium Jet.

The technology at the core of the Lilium Jet is Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT).

As an alternative to traditional jet engines which power 95% of commercial aircraft, Lilium’s electric jet engines rely on a single ‘stage’ rotor/stator system driven by an electric motor to create propulsion.

Integrated into the wing flaps, the electric jet engines are aerodynamically efficient, lighter, quieter and provide thrust which can be directed to manoeuvre the aircraft.

It is hoped aircraft powered by sustainable electricity will significantly reduce emissions, helping the world reach its Net Zero goals.

Chell Instruments is part of this mission, supplying technology to aid Lilium’s ground-breaking engineering, including their nanoDAQ-LTS.

Chell’s nanoDAQ-LTS is used by Lilium to measure air pressures on the electric aircraft during development. The nanoDAQ-LTS uses the latest technology which is able to withstand extremes of pressure, heat and vibration for use in wind tunnels and during in-flight tests.

“We’re delighted to be working with such an exciting company, helping them trailblaze the search for sustainable electric jet propulsion. Our technology remains at the forefront of traditional jet turbine development, so it’s fantastic we can also contribute to sustainable air travel” says Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director at Chell Instruments.

The nanoDAQ-LTS has proven a critical instrument in the development of the Lilium Jet, sensing tiny changes in pressure with industry-leading levels of accuracy. The data is fed back to engineers through Ethernet and CAN outputs.

Chell Instruments is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions. They work with a range of thriving industries, from Formula 1 to aerospace and defence.

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