Chell Instruments extend their support for Formula 1 ahead of 2026 rule changes
Chell Instruments extend their support for Formula 1 ahead of 2026 rule changes
December 14, 2023

World-leaders in gas measurement and control solutions, Chell Instruments, will continue their innovative partnership with Formula 1 (F1) through manufacturing and providing industry-leading solutions.

Formula 1 has announced a number of new rule changes for 2026, including the introduction of sustainable fuels, a reduction in fuel consumption and the improvement of hybrid engines and technology.

These changes are designed to make Formula 1 more sustainable as the FIA Motor Sport Council commits to hitting its environmental targets – without taking away from the excitement and intensity of the sport.

However, with these exciting changes comes new challenges for teams in F1, such as differences in vehicle weight and size, and changes in handling and control.

“This is an exciting time to be involved in F1, being able to help shape the future of racing and provide F1 teams with the technology and testing solutions they need to push the boundaries of what their vehicles are capable of – all whilst making the sport more sustainable” says Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments.

With these significant changes being made, there is a need to test the vehicles in on-road or on-track scenarios. Chell Instruments have engineered innovative solutions which can maintain very low uncertainties in high-vibration environments.

“With such significant changes being made to the vehicles, gathering real-world data from road or race circuits – and having it be as accurate as possible is vital to our client’s success in races. That’s why our industry-leading pressure scanners are widely trusted to deliver the data needed to innovate and develop their vehicles” concludes Nick Broadley.

Chell Instruments have over 40 years’ experience supporting the development and testing of aerodynamic characteristics in vehicles – improving performance, cooling and stability.

Through their work with partners in F1, the business has provided the essential equipment and expertise to help their clients reduce drag and increase down force.

Chell Instruments have a wide range of products which are used extensively in wind tunnels to test the impact of developments in aerodynamics, down force and ground effect – particularly their data acquisition (DAQ) pressure sensors and quick-disconnect (AQDC, SQDC and QDCM) couplings.

North Walsham-based Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment for over 40 years. Their technology is used within a variety of sectors, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, energy and motorsport.

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