Chell Instruments donate latest technology to Milan university’s motorcycle team hoping to win Motostudent race
Chell Instruments donate latest technology to Milan university’s motorcycle team hoping to win Motostudent race
May 10, 2024

World-leaders in gas measurement and control solutions, Chell Instruments, have stepped up to provide Politecnico University of Milan’s motorcycle racing team, Polimi Motorcycle Factory, with the latest generation of pressure scanners to develop their bike’s aerodynamics.

Having asked for instructions for a 15-year-old microDAQ1 sensor, Chell Instruments sent the student team the requested instructions along with their latest nanoDAQ-LTR-16 scanner and AQDC-HD quick disconnects as a contribution towards their racing efforts.

The Motostudent International Competition challenges university engineering students to design a new racing motorcycle to compete in a one-off race in Spain. Polimi Motorcycle Factory are using their new Chell Instruments pressure scanner to help test and optimise their bike’s aerodynamics.

“When we received Polimi Motorcycle Factory’s enquiry, we were really excited. Whilst we were delighted our 15-year-old microDAQ1 pressure scanner is still of service, we immediately felt we wanted to do more to support the next generation of budding and innovative engineers” says Jamie Shanahan, Director at Chell Instruments.

Established in 2015 by five mechanical engineering students with a passion for motorsport, the Polimi Motorcycle Factory was formed to bring together Milan Politecnico University’s brightest minds to participate in the Motostudent International Competition.

The competition challenges university teams from around the world to apply their knowledge of mechanical engineering and aerodynamics to design and race a prototype motorcycle at Motorland Aragón FIM Circuit in Spain.

Each team is supplied the same engine, tyres and braking system. It’s then up to the students to design the frame, fairing and other elements to give their motorcycle and rider the winning edge.

“We’re so grateful to Chell Instruments for donating this amazing piece of technology, which is already used by engineers at the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1. Our team of students are excited to use it to gain the precise data needed to make informed aerodynamic design decisions” says Roberto Trani, Head of Aerodynamics at Polimi Motorcycle Factory.

For over 40 years, Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment that’s used across various sectors, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, energy and motorsport.

In motorsport, their technology is used in wind tunnels to evaluate the aerodynamic characteristics of vehicles and provide engineers with invaluable data on how to improve performance, cooling and handling.

Working with leading teams in Formula 1, Chell Instruments provide equipment and expertise to help their clients reduce drag and increase down force in their race-winning cars.

“We’re delighted to be working more closely with international motorcycle racing teams, including in the MotoGP paddock. We’re really excited to see the bike that Polimi Motorcycle Factory create and hope our technology helps them stand on the podium at the Motostudent race in Autumn 2025!“ concludes Jamie.

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