Chell Embed Remote Support Technology into Products for the Post-Covid World
Chell Embed Remote Support Technology into Products for the Post-Covid World
September 24, 2020

With worldwide social distancing and restrictions on travel, gas measurement and control experts Chell Instruments have accelerated the inclusion of remote support capabilities into their products and systems.

The high-precision gas experts have sped up the integration of planned technologies to help them remotely assist customers in the setup, monitoring and diagnostics of new systems.

“As a high-tech sector, we need to find new ways to support clients at a distance. Though it has accelerated development, connectivity was only ever going to be more important and we were well placed to lead our sector with this new technology” says Jamie Shanahan, Chell Instruments’ Sales Director.

To ensure the correct setup, many of the systems Chell provide have traditionally required either the client to visit their ISO-accredited calibration lab or a member of Chell’s technical staff to visit the customer’s site.

The remote support technology has recently been successfully deployed in a gas meter test system for a major manufacturer in Singapore. Instead of a technical representative of the customer visiting Chell’s headquarter to conduct a ‘factory acceptance test’, the checks were conducted in the Singapore factory with Jamie and his colleagues remotely supporting the process.

“We’re very customer-service orientated, so not being able to jump on a train or plane to support a customer is a culture shock. However, we’re actually finding our clients achieve the same peace-of-mind, whilst establishment times are reduced. It’s a win-win in many situations” states Jamie.

Established over 40 years, Chell Instruments has become one of the global leaders in high-precision gas measurement and control equipment. Their systems are employed in aircraft development, Formula 1 and various industries which blend gases with high precision, such as pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

Chell Instruments’ products are used across the world where the coronavirus pandemic has meant many countries have imposed travel restriction and asked businesses to restrict physical visitors to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Many of Chell’s products already feature high connectivity to allow the data gathered to be shared and analysed. However, their new remote-support integrations make even more critical information available so that parameters can be affected in real-time from anywhere in the world.

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