Another Step in Innovation with Third-Generation Transducer & Controller Displays
Another Step in Innovation with Third-Generation Transducer & Controller Displays
June 27, 2018

Here at Chell Instruments, we’re always looking for ways to improve on the best. Our single and multi-channel transducer and controller displays have always been ahead of the competition and our latest developments ensure that’s where they remain.

We’re proud to introduce the third generation CCD100 and CCD104. An evolution of the popular mark two models, they can each power, read and control almost any mass flow meter, controller, pressure transducer or capacitance manometer on the market.

The most obvious development is the new screen. The mark two’s LCD display (itself improved from the mark one’s LED) has been replaced with an OLED colour display. This strong and clear screen again improves visibility in bright test environments. The CCD100 mark three is lighter and more compact than its predecessor, allowing for use in tighter spaces and requiring less room on a busy workbench. However, it still retains its 1/8 DIN cut out size.

The introduction of a webserver makes remote configuration and monitoring simple. Though both new models feature improved firmware, they retain the same command set and can replace an existing model with ease. As you’d expect, they come with the versatility of Ethernet, USB-C and traditional interfaces, for digital and analogue use.

The CCD100 can be programmed as both a master or slave unit depending on needs. It provides +/-15VDC or 24volt power and is available in VDC, mV or mA versions depending on your transducer output. Its the most versatile and feature rich single channel display available today!

The new CCD104 is a combined update of the mark one four-channel CCD104 and our CMD100 multi-channel display. Even more feature-laden than the single channel version, it can support up to four measurement devices at once.

The new model includes a capacitive touch front panel, expansion slot for upgrade boards and a range of options including four channels of temperature measurement, EtherCAT, PID control and relay outputs. As a power supply, it also provides a high-power output for use with high-current devices such as heated capacitance manometers and high flow mass flow controllers.

Yet again, the new Chell CCD100 and CCD104 have set the standard for highly adaptable, accurate and reliable displays and power supplies.

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