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Chell Instruments

Industry-leaders in pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control for five decades
Designed by engineers for engineers

Established in May 1976, Chell Instruments is a UK and global leader in gas measurement and control equipment.

Our technology is used at the cutting edge of both research and manufacturing, within industries including aerospace, motorsport, pharmaceuticals and energy.

In many instances, our unique product range has been developed in direct response to the needs of our clients. Our products are designed by engineers for engineers.

Some products have featured in our range for over 40 years – with continual development, innovation and improvement keeping them ahead of the curve.

Our commitment to multi point pressure scanning applications – particularly the aerodynamic testing of Formula 1 cars and development of gas turbines (jets) for aerospace – has resulted in our specialist data acquisition (DAQ) systems.

Our products are manufactured in our UK manufacturing operation using CNC machining, TIG welding, clean areas and helium leak testing to provide us with total control over quality and performance.

Many of our solutions incorporate components produced by partners with whom we have had very long-standing relationships.

Our ISO17025 accredited UKAS calibration facility has some of the lowest uncertainties available so that products purchased from us have the highest measurement integrity.

In 2020, we became part of SDI Group (formally Scientific Digital Imaging) which owns more than fifteen companies who design and manufacture products for use in imaging, sensing and control applications.



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Design Capability

At Chell Instruments, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver complete design services from our UK headquarters in Norfolk, England.

Our highly skilled and experienced R&D team provide:

  • Decades of experience in vacuum and pressure design
  • Mechanical design in 3D CAD including full FMEA, temperature and fluid dynamics simulations
  • Electronics development including micro-controller design
  • Software experience in C, VB (.net and 6), PLC controllers, HTML, Java Script and PHP
  • Measurement method and transducer selection
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory controls, including:
    • Low-voltage Directive (2014/35/EN)
    • EMC Directive (2014/30/EU)
    • Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)
    • ROHS (2011/65/EU)

All our design is conducted in accordance with our ISO9001 quality management systems.

    Manufacturing Capability

    At Chell Instruments, we pride ourselves on our British manufacturing capabilities delivered from our UK headquarters in Norfolk, England.

    We maintain a high level of capabilities which allow us to produce prototypes and production systems in-house:

    • Vacuum and pressure vessel manufacture and cleaning
    • High-precision CNC and manual machining
    • Automated manufacturing
    • Gas panel manufacture
    • High-integrity pipe-work manufacture (with compression fittings and orbital welding)
    • Inspection and leak testing

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