A rise in pressure as we expand our calibration service
A rise in pressure as we expand our calibration service
March 15, 2018

At Chell we’ve been providing customers with an impressive gas flow, pressure and vacuum calibration service for over 30 years. As manufacturers and distributors of high specification instrumentation, a high-quality calibration service has always been very important to us, both for our own in-house measurements and as a service to our customers. We all expect safe workplaces, food, products and transport systems. Reliable measurements through accredited calibration services like ours are key to achieving this.

We are pleased to announce that we have now increased the scope of our already impressive calibration facility. Our ISO17025 accredited maximum pressure range has increased from 70 bar (1,000 psi) to 690 bar (10,000 psi). This means we can provide our expert calibration services to even more businesses and industries.

We started offering ISO17025 accredited calibration services in 1999 and now specialise in pressure, vacuum and gas flow calibrations, along with temperature and electrical, for a wide variety of customers and industries worldwide. From our UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratory in Norfolk, we offer some of the lowest uncertainties commercially available in our fields, providing accurate measurements for customers in many strategic industries such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, custody transfer, aerodynamics and nuclear.

Please see our current Schedule of Accreditation which contains our best measurement capabilities in the fields of gas flow, pressure, vacuum, electrical and temperature.
At Chell we also offer worldwide on-site calibration services; calibrating instrumentation in its working environment, dramatically reducing process downtime. Calibrating equipment in the environment in which it operates can also reduce potential calibration errors due to differences in orientation, operating temperature etc.

As well as our high-end calibration laboratory, we also design and manufacture bespoke calibration, measurement and control systems for gas flow, pressure, vacuum and purification applications. We also distribute products for some of the world’s leading instrumentation manufacturers in these fields.

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