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Pressure, vacuum & flow testing solutions for vehicle development

About Us

Chell produces pressure, vacuum & gas flow measurement & control solutions designed by engineers for engineers

Chell Instruments have been a supplier and manufacturer of quality pressure, vacuum and gas flow and control instrumentation for nearly 50 years.


We pride ourselves on being able to produce and select the best instrumentation to create systems which meet our customers’ requirements. Our products are used for pressure, temperature and flow testing within sectors including aerospace, motorsport, pharmaceuticals and energy.

Chell Instruments also provides a range of calibration services, both on-site and within our UKAS accredited ISO 17025 calibration lab.

Most of our products are detailed within this website. However, we also develop and deliver many bespoke solutions to meeting exacting requirements. Whatever you need, our highly skilled and experienced team is always here to help. Simply get in touch.

UKAS Calibration Services

Calibration of pressure, vacuum, gas flow, temperature and electrical

Since 1976, Chell Instruments has provided customers with a comprehensive calibration service, covering all the instrumentation we supply. In 1999, we became a full ISO17025 accredited calibration service (number 0687).

We specialise in calibrating:

  • Pressure (absolute & differential)
  • Vacuum
  • Gas flow rate – with supporting parameters of temperature and electrical DC


Our Specialisms – Supporting Key Sectors and Industries

Providing the right pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement, control and calibration solutions

Our products are used extensively for pressure, vacuum and flow testing, control and manufacturing processes, within sectors including automotive & motorsport, aerospace, industrial processes, pharmaceuticals and energy & power.

At Chell Instruments we have unparalleled experience and expertise creating and delivering solutions which meet the specific needs of key industries.

Automotive & Motorsport

Pressure, vacuum and flow testing equipment used at the pinnacle of motorsport and vehicle development


Pressure, vacuum and flow testing solutions for jet engine, airframe and electrified flight development

Wind Tunnel

Pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement for wind-tunnel testing of aerodynamics and propulsion

Industrial Processes

Gas measurement, control and calibration solutions for industrial processes

Energy & Power

Testing, control and calibration solutions for gas turbine development for energy and power generation


Gas pressure, vacuum and gas flow testing, control and calibration solutions for pharmaceuticals

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